The success of every business is measured by the amount of income it generates and its growth rate. Practically the aim is to achieve a six-figure income that flows consistently throughout. Achieving such success in business requires a well-designed digital marketing strategy that grows your visibility online and puts your brand in front of the right audience.

How can you make the most out of your current SEO campaign?

How To Use Digital Marketing To Grow a 6 Figure Business In Less Than a Year
How To Use Digital Marketing To Grow a 6 Figure Business In Less Than a Year

Unlike businesses that were started in the early 20th century and thrived until today, most today's organizations lack the luxury of time. Technology has enhanced competition across all industries and markets…

Getting to the Founder Stage!

What do you do when you are brainstorming on a startup idea? You probably roam around in circles, talk to friends and family, research the web, and so on. Whatever you do, you are never sure of what's going to work for you. A new business owner is never sure of the accruing revenues he may or may not get. I've sorted out some tips and tricks which may help upcoming entrepreneurs to manage their future startups.

Any small business can undoubtedly benefit from having a marketing plan. Without one, you may find yourself floundering aimlessly. Whether you’ve considered drafting one of your own before or this is your first exposure to them, let’s take a closer at this brief guide to creating a small business marketing plan.

An Introduction to Creating a Small Business Marketing Plan

Any marketing plan requires a goal because a goal will give you a sense of direction. It’s not only having one goal either because there are short-term goals or long-term goals. …

Working on Startup Ideas in 2021?
Working on Startup Ideas in 2021?

When it comes to launching a business, always be open to learning new things. Running a startup is not easy, as it will often take you out of your comfort zone. By being open, you can adapt and eventually thrive.

Leave some room for spontaneous circumstances. Startups are oftentimes quite unpredictable, and trying to force things might make you miss out. Instead, try to be flexible more often and allow for surprises.

A Different Angle on Marketing

Promoting your startup can be tricky when you don't have many funds available in the beginning. Try using social media marketing. Many startups…

Pinterest provides a rare opportunity for companies. It’s a way to communicate with peers and influencers, much as most social media sites. It’s actually a lot more than that as a visual search engine and “productivity platform for organizing your dreams.”

Pinners visit the site in need of inspiration, or “Pinspiration.”

Weddings, fantasy trips, and holiday meals are all on their minds. As a result, they are not only receptive to brand content, but they also find it useful. Here are the 5 strategies you need to know to manage your business account on Pinterest.

Produce engaging material towards ‘Pinning.’

On Pinterest, images speak for…

3 things a Boss expects from his digital marketing specialist
3 things a Boss expects from his digital marketing specialist

It might feel effortless to answer this, but if the answers were that simple and obvious, everyone would be enjoying applause and appreciation. I am not saying all of you aren’t, but many digital marketing specialists are suffering to come up to their bosses' expectations.

After spending around eleven years in digital marketing and working from ground level up to the chief marketing officer, I have a few notes to share with my digital marketing fellows. I hope these will help them prepare a perform better for their next or current job.

Here’s a quick review of what any marketing…

The Story & History of Social Media
The Story & History of Social Media

How Have Social Media Evolved Over the Years?

Maybe you just checked a tweet or a Facebook notification, but have you wondered where social media come from? As we know, the history of social media spans a few decades, but even older forms of communication are part of the story. For the sake of this article, we will condense it all down to something more concise.

The Diverse History of Social Media

Originally, people communicated by letters, but electrical inventions eventually made long-distance communication possible. Telephones, radios, Morse code all helped people talk to or communicate with others far away…

The approach of allowing other websites to connect back to your website is called link building. Advertisers and company owners should be involved in creating ties to push forward traffic and improve their web platform’s authority. There are both right & wrong ways of doing SEO link building. If you are interested in long-term sustainability, prefer natural link building, i.e., making links rather than purchasing them or even achieving them via deceptive strategies.

Good Backlinks — High Quality

Stronger backlinks appear to be naturally made and are typically not scalable. It takes a lot of time and resources to create organic links, but it also…

Marketing can seem like a daunting task, especially if you dipped your toes into this complicated yet highly crucial part of managing your business. However, the job doesn’t have to be that hard — if you start by following the right advice. Today, we’ll be telling you about some of the most popular blogs for marketing and why reading their posts will be time-well-spent for you.

The Startup Bros Entrepreneurship Blog

This blog is witty, fun, and beginner-friendly. What’s more to like about The Startup Bros? Whether you are still a fledgling beginner in the marketing business or have been…

If you are looking to get into SEO or want some new ranking support toys to boost your rankings, we have you covered. These are some of the best SEO tools to use in 2021. For your convenience, I am including paid and free options, too!

What are the Best SEO Tools to Use in 2021?

1) SEMrush: SEMrush is a common name in SEO circles for a good reason. Many people like how easy it is to use, and you also get a lot of information. It does use some strange jargon, but that can be learned.

2) KWFinder…

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